From now on I will list the pages I annex and when.

Ummmmm Sorry! I'm terrible at updating this site! I have a few new places. (Updated 6-3-2021)
Greyhound Station
An art moderne bus station.
(Updated 12-9-2013)
Finally, and abandoned dragline crane. What a beast!
(Updated 11-9-2013)
Air force Base
A huge air force base. Pretty impressive!
(Updated 11-9-2013)
Holcomb and Hoke
An abandoned popcorn and divider factory.
(Updated 11-9-2013)
1904 Hospital
An abandoned hospital
(Updated 11-9-2013)
Oakwood Theater An old drive-in movie theatre. Enjoy
(Updated 4-6-2012)
Yellow House A great old yellow farmhouse.
(Updated 4-5-2012)
Salem Kirche (Update) A great old church previously visited and revisited. Enjoy
(Updated 4-5-2012)
Bottling Plant Once part the of the "Sterling Brewery," this building still stands and has been empty for quite some time. The pictures are not great, but the venue is! (Explored 2006)
(Added 7-21-2010)
Mudlavia Hotel A places that once housed mud spas. People would come from all over to bathe in them and drink the natural spring water. Some say it is haunted. What do you think?
(Added 6-30-2010)
Red House Nothing special. It's just a red house, but it does have a lot of stuff in it. Check it out.
(Added 4-30-2010)
Emge Meat A wonderful walk into an abandoned meat packaging and slaughterhouse facility. Wow. Untouched for 10 years. Lots of industrial leftovers. A site as great as the Armour, but relatively unknown.
(Added 4-25-2010)
Old County Jail The most important update ever! Well, maybe not but still amazing. And old 19th century jail and sheriff's house all ready for you to explore! It has everything you would expect in a jail this old.
(Added 3-17-2010)
Former Knights of Columbus Bldg. Big Update! A former Knights of Columbus building built in 1908. Amazing. Check it out or you are lame.
(Added 1-08-2010)
The Apartments A once proud apartment building now sits abandoned. Though it is never completely vacant.
Happy New Years! (Added 1-02-2010)
The Train Bridge A wonderful fallen old train bridge. Very awesome! Check it out!!!.(Added 11-07-2009)
The Cistern House A very creepy house in Southern IL. It has a cistern filled with hopes and dreams.(Added 10-10-2009)
WRECKS INC A quick update for an awesome u-pull-it with amazing sign. Enjoy!!!. (Added 6-30-2009)
Murder House A wonderful house where a murder took place. Well, maybe not. You decide if it's real. (Added 6-16-2009)
The Farm An awesome farm waiting to be torn down. Very Cool. (Added 6-15-2009)
The Meth House Has it been that since the last time I updated? Wow, sorry. This old house has beautiful woodwork although it is falling apart. (Added 12-14-08)
The Roundhouse A wonderful roundhouse from the steam engine days! Check it out. (Added 1-6-07)
Armour Meat The famous Armour Meat Packing Plant!!!! (Added 9-10-07)
Partition House A wonderful house from rural KY that is, well, interesting. (Added 7-28-07)
ESH Demolition A tribute to Evansville State Hospital, which was torn down a year ago. This update includes pictures from various trips out there while it was being torn down. (Added 5-11-07)
Tenn-Tucky Ham A great industrial relic filled with old. cold, and mold. The greatest to date even!!!! (Added 4-27-07)
Greathouse School Wow! Can't say enough about this one room schoolhouse. Check it out!!! It's awesome! (Added 4-10-07)
Warrick Concrete A great concrete factory that looks like the workers up and just left it. A personal favorite. (Added 2-1-07)
Salem Kirche A wonderful gothic church from 1888. Many people think it's haunted. Check it out! (Added 1-25-07)
Colored School A great relic from the days of one room school houses. (Added 1-15-07)
U-Pull-It A wonderful, abandoned parts facility with a fridge full of yummies and an RV. (Added 1-1-07) Happy New Year!
Seifert House A gorgeous house with all types of goodies left behind. Come see for yourself. (Added 12-23-06)
Heinz Factory A beautiful industrial relic from the late 1890's. All that's left are a few buildings. Check it out. (Added 12-25-06)