The was another great find; and old abandoned pull-a-part auto store. I've been to many of these that were still in use, and they are pretty exciting, but an abandoned one was definitely a treat. This used to be Glisson's U-Pull-It and I have no idea when the facility closed. I know they have a new one on the other side of town that is huge and is doing very well.

The Grounds

The sign in front of the store. The front of the store. The old gate to the auto yard.
The back part of the building and a bunch of tired overgrown in the distance. The empty yard.

The Main Building

The main building was very interesting. It was mainly empty, but one could see a few relics from the old store days. It came equipped with some food left the fridge too...yummm. It was pretty much one large garage with two side rooms. The room on the left had a counter, obviously where you would purchase your parts, and another room on the right that looked like some employee break room/storage.

Facing straight in from the garage door. The garage room. The counter room on the left.
Same room facing the other way. Shelf with some old parts on it. Customer toilette. I didn't have to go.
The room on the right. Same room facing out. Employee restroom.
The fridge with food products still in it. Yuck!

The RV

The other rewarding part of this trip was the abandoned recreational vehicle in the middle of the old yard. It stunk and was filled with junk.

The RV. Just inside the door looking down the hall. The back room with beds.
The living room area.

Overall, it was a very exciting find. Not as exciting as running around one that's in use and seeing all the old busted cars, but truly worth the trip.