Yellow House

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Many people have driven by this house or are familiar with it. I do not know much about it other than it has sat abandoned for many years. It appears to have been a farm house with a barn behind it. The barn most likely housed horses. I do not know who lived in it so I will follow my custom of naming unknown buildings by color. In this case Yellow.

Recently, the neighboring house (perhaps the owners of this house as well) went abandoned and appears to be in the process of demolition. Well, with that so has this. This house sat many years without much degradation on the outside. It used to have a deck, which fell, and some stair in the back but other than that it held up. Only recently did people decide to vandalize the house and break many of the windows. Even when buildings are in preparation for demolishing, it still angers me when people vandalize. Anyways, we decided to seize our opportunity to photograph the house and barn before it is too late.

The neighboring house in shambles.


The house as it sits off the road
Outside Window

House Interiors

The kitchen
Same room different angle
Living Room

The Barn

The barn was something else. At point point, it used to hold animals. But now it looked like something from Mad Max.