A wonderful old u-pull-it way outside Indianapolis. I do not know much about this place other than it has been abandoned for some time. What I do know is that the sign was built in 1958 and used to light up. So, it's been around for a while. Also, there used to be much older cars there in the front. Supposedly the sign is going the Neon Museum in Las Vegas to be shown with other awesome signs. I hope this is true. I am tired of seeing such cool things be scrapped. There appeared to be no remnants of it's former days besides what was left outside. It did not look like anything was left inside so we did not really bother to get in. That and the place was sealed up like a vault.

It was pretty cool. They had this huge sign and two smashed cars. It certainly got our attention.

The very ostentatious marquee

They had a very alluring display outside.

Way out there From the distance. The whole marquee. It used to light up. Must have been very cool.
Looking inside. Doesn't appear to be much.

Overall, pretty cool for just a quick drive-by.