The Apartments

Just for fun: We ventured out to this place armed only with SLR's. 35mm SLR's. We had no flashes, flashlights, or anything else. There are a only a few pictures, but I think they are some of the better shots I have taken. Enjoy!

A once proud apartment building now sits abandoned ...though it is never completely vacant. I am not entirely sure of this building's history. It is difficult to ascertain this buildings original use. It has many different covered porches and entrances, yet it is very elaborate and not very large. Perhaps it was built to be apartments, or maybe it was built for something else. What is fore sure is that it was most likely used by someone who had low cost housing in mind. It is unsure when the last tenants moved out, but what is sure is that people still use this building....

The exteriors were quite impressive. This picture pretty much shows what it looks like. There were some things in the back.

As sits off of the road.


The interiors were quite interesting. We found what appeared to be very old and small apartments. They had not been updated for years. You will see the baths and know what I mean. Also, we found some ideas of what these were most recently used as. We found needles, condoms, and beds. It did not paint a pretty picture. but you can decided for yourself what that means. Needless to say, we never went back.

I do not quite remember the layout. If memory serves me well, these were similar to town homes. They had an upstairs and a downstairs. The bedrooms were upstairs and the kitchen and living rooms were ground level. It should also be noted that we only entered one of the apartments. These were each walled off from each other. We found a door that connected, but it was boarded up.

The kitchen looking out.

We entered through a broken kitchen window. It was very scary actually. We had to jump up several feet to get in and there was a giant piece of broken glass just hanging (similar to the one at the end of Ghost). Anyway's, this was the only shot I got of this room. You can tell the condition of the place.

The bed room. You can see some of the uninviting items.

The bedroom was disgusting.

Very cool shot.

The bathroom was very cool. It looks like it had never been updated besides the paint. The tub had metal and had feet, and you can see the old radiator. If done well, this bathroom could very retro in a good way.

The stairs.

These led down to the "living room." This was looking back up. I did not get any shots of the living room because it was too dark and I was operating without a flash or a flashlight. They were pretty plain and non interesting though.

The basement window.

It had a small basement area. It was fairly creepy. This was all I could get due to the aforementioned conditions.

Overall, this was a pretty cool place to check out. I only wish I had my digital camera because I could have taken more pictures, but the ones I got sure have character.