Partition House

A wonderful house in rural town of Kentucky. We didn't know what else to call it, but since it literally looked like one house that had been partitioned into two it seemed that the name fit the house. It is difficult to explain. Hopefully the pictures will show what I mean.

This house was found by, well accident. We had initially set out to find another house that smelled too bad and was easily viewable from the entire town. So we drove around and found this jewel instead. While standing on the street, a resident walked across the street to talk to us even though we hadn't actually set foot on the property. It was interesting. Everyone knew each other in this town, so we had drawn attention being outsiders. Well, long story short, we tracked down the owner and asked if we could go in a take some pictures. He was more than happy to let us in....he even asked us if we would help knock the aged house down. We declined his offer. He said that he had grown up in this house, and he was pretty old himself so we think this house was built no later than the 40's.

You will see from the pictures that it was built high up, which is also why it's so dangerous to go in. If you fall through the floors, you fall. It was built high because it's just 30 yards or so from the mighty Ohio, which likes to flood once and a while in these parts.

The house as seen from the street.

These pictures might just be the worse in RT history. This wasn't actually going to be added to the site, but I changed my mind. So enjoy. We went in the back of the house first, the then around, then the front. You'll see. Might I add that this building was very unstable and falling apart all over. Another reason why the pictures are worse than usual; we couldn't get good angles because we couldn't get to solid enough flooring to take better pictures.

The back of the house and entrance. The "garage." The first look at why it's a partition. Now all you can do is step out and fall several feet.
The bathroom. Not sure what room this was. Probably a bed room. A shelf in the same room.
What used to be a floor connecting the buildings. Looking at what was most likely a room that connected the two rooms. The partition area, if you will. You can see what's left of the floor and a wall. Same area from a door that went outside in front of the former wall.

Let's take a look at this partition area from the outside.

The backside of the house. You can see what I mean by two buildings. This is behind the one we were just in. Ah, here we go. You can see the partition area. I'm guess a deck of some sort connected the rest the house. Under the house. You can see how it was built high up to avoid flood water. Now it's all caving in. This was actually inside the door from two pictures ago.

The other part of the house. The part that would have been called the front. It consisted of three parts. The first was the hallway, which now leads to certain death. There was a room to the right, presumably the living room judging by the tv. And there was a room to the left which had an old stereo, but we couldn't really go in because the floor was very warped and collapsed.

The hallway of death. The "living room." More of the living room to show the furniture.
A relic. Not sure what this was, but there were coats still hanging. The other side room. Very dangerous.
This was about as far in this room as I could walk. It was mostly ruble, but there was some cool junk around. The ceiling fan still hangs.

Overall, this was a pretty good find. It was scary, but interesting. I'd give it 7/10.