The Cistern House

Probably the only house that left me creeped out. I cannot explain it. What appeared to be a normal farm house in the middle nowhere turned out to be more than anyone could have ever hoped for. Perhahps it was the fact that I had seen The Ring or just that this type of thing is creepy but a huge cistern in a house is very terrifying. What is a cistern? Good questin. cisterns were used to store water that gathered from roofs of buildings and other loctios and was stored underground. It looks like well, but the water is added by weather and not by an underwater stream. All of this water was accumlated by rain.

This house, sadly, no longer exists. It was torn down a couple of years ago. I figured it would be a good addition for this halloween season. Mwah ah ha ha. Don't fall in. You will die!!!!!!!!!!!!

As sits off the road, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

The house was a pretty typical farm house. It had been added one. There were parts of the building that made no sense at all.


aisw Front as enterying the property
The front. the back and side A connection that looks like it as added later.
side some of the surounding farmland.

Interiors, if you can handle them. Mwah ah ah haha!!!!!

In the Living room. And old bike. Fireplace.
The Family room.
In one of the front rooms looking towards one of the front double doors.
Upstairs. Up in the Attic.
Kitchen sink with adjacent bathroom. Restroom. Uh oh. Scary. What's inside?

The Rest of the House.

Get ready for this. This includes part of the hosue that seems very random. It was probably added later, but it includes the cistern. Don't fall!!!!

Nice 70's paneling. This was the area the connected the house to the garage, and the cistern...ewwwww Inside after going through a thick patch of thorny bushes. A lawnmower left to rot.
Side shot. Inside after going through a thick patch of thorny bushes. Here it is! We had to lift up this thing in the middle of the floor to discover this. It was quite creepy and was much deeper than this looks.
Down in. It was much deeper than the camera leads on. You could also feel the cold eminating from here. it was very creepy. A random hallway from the garage to the house. It had a shower. Wierd. What was this used for?

Randoms and the Garage

Not much to say here. It is just the rest of the properyt.

Side shot. Inside after going through a thick patch of thorny bushes. A lawnmower left to rot.
The barn sat back a ways and was down a hill from the house. The side of the barn. Back down farther to show the barn and the house up in the distance.

Overall, a very exciting find. It was very creepy in it's own right. It was mostly empty with only a few artifacts, however it had a creepy cistern. One waiting for claim some poor innocent life. Fortunaely, it has been destroyed.