Former Knights of Columbus Building

I have to say, this is one of the coolest buildings I have had the honor to check out. I know I say that allot, but this really was a treat. We went here 11-25-2006. It only took me 3+ years to add it to the site. This building was built in 1918 and served as the Knights of Columbus building for many, many years. Now, it sits in a state of disrepair. They have had machinery stationed outside and inside in the past, but one can tell there is little hope for the building as it currently stands. Perhaps a gutting and overhaul could save it, but as is the interior are rotting away. What can still be sean is what was once a beautiful building.

It was a fairly simple layout. It had three floors: A basement, main level, and upper level. Through the front door there was a grand staircase that connect the basement stairs to the upstairs. It would have been quite breathtaking back in its day.



The former main entrance. You can see inside. The side that faces the street. There is not heavy machinery stored there for some reason unrelated to the building itself.
Farther down on the main door side. At the bottom right is the date plate for when it was built.
Coming up from the basement. A smooth criminal fire escape.

The Main Level

This large room used to be the main area of the building. Now it sits in ruin, but a nice sunset really beautifies the room. You'll see

Facing west
I love it Facing back east towards the front door and staircase. The west wall. You can see where a homeless person slept. You can also see where the floor is caving in.
Creepy chair.
The ceiling, well.....rotten

The Stairs and Doorway

The main staircase was amazing. The front door was pretty darn cool with it's bricked glass. The main staircase was directly in front of the door.

On the main level going up. Looking down from the upper floor.
Almost to the top. And yes, those are real cobb webs like you see in haunted houses. I always thought they made them big to be scary but apparently they get that big. The top looking at the wonderful wood work. Fixed the nule post!

The Basement (Scary.....ok not really)

Well, it actually was. It was so dark you couldn't see and the stair going up weren't exactly trustworthy.

Going down w/out flash w/ flash
The side of the staircase Another hole in the floor. This one was close to the main door.
Rotting ceiling. This was were the homeless area picture was.
Basement door leading to stairs outside.


Upstairs was by far the worst. I did not go up for long. I barely got off of the staircase. I could see through the floor. Everything was rotten. I was not going to take the risk being that ceilings were at least 10 feet high.

Very rotten

This is one of my favorite places that I only went to once. It was just fantastic. I don't know what else to say. I will just leave it at that.