The Meth House

This house was an outstanding find way out away from them city folk. We found it basically by driving all over the rural southwest Indiana looking for places just like this. We honorably call it the "Meth House" because after we left someone accosted us accusing us of scouting for a place to setup a meth lab and told us that house had been used for that previously. Of course, nothing inside suggested anything of the sort, but for a lack of a better name, that's what it's called.

The house was quite interesting. One could tell that this house was once very beautiful. Please notice the intricate wood work all over the building. Someone should at least save that to reuse. It's beautiful. Now, as always, it sits in ruin. However, many things were left behind when the residents moved out. In fact, so much is left, that it is very perplexing.

The house as it sits behind the cornfield it mostly likely used to serve.

The Exteriors

The front. Side Other side
The exquisite roof Towards the back The side yard. You can see how beautiful that porch once was.

The Interiors

Let's go in through the kitchen shall we. At a first glance, this is what you see. The back of the kitchen.
Towards the front. The light was better facing this way. Towards the hallway The "kitchen sink."
Someone left dinner out many years ago. Leftover bottle. This house hasn't been abandoned too long....well, who knows but this ain 't a gas stove.
Some more The ceiling.

The Rest of the Downstairs area

A side room with what looked to be very old cow poop. This room was between the kitchen and the stairwell.
Wow!! Look at this TV. Incredible. A nice vacuum from the 50's.


We found pretty much what you would expect to find. Bedrooms....filled with stuff.

The stairway area. A creepy chair by the stairs. The staircase. Wow! Imagine what this used to look like. Beautiful.
Up the stairs looking back down. The hallway area right where the previous picture was taken. One of the bedrooms equipped with a potty seat.
More of the same room. Not in good shape. This was an interesting artifact. 1957...
I think this was the room to the left of the staircase. Creepy. Junk
Same room. Going back across to the room on the right. Another room filled with junk.
Cool light switch though. Learn english. More of the same room.

Overall, a very nice find. It was very cool to see this run down, abandoned house filled with crap.....and then to step inside and see the beautiful woodwork on the staircase and around the doors. It truly is a shame that this house is in the condition it is...but sooner or later it happens....