The Warrick Concrete Company

One of my all time favorite local venues; the Warrick Concrete Company. Little is known about this grand establishment other than the plant closed in the late 80's or early 90's. What is known is that when they closed this place down, they left just about everything in tact. All conveyers, controls, even phones were still laying around. It was as if they closed very abruptly, or they closed with the intention of reopening. There was even rocks still in the hoppers.

I had been wanting to get into this place for many, many months but entrance was questionable. Of course, now all one has to do is walk around the fence, but it wasn't always that easy. However, the time came back on a very hot, June day.

This place was very difficult to traverse and to even see due to the foliage growing all over the place. I should know as I received one of the worst cases of poison sumac I ever thought possible. Regardless, it was amazing. We even went back months later during the fall to get some night shots, which will be scattered through this walkthrough.

The plant as seen from the road.

The facility was not very large. It consisted of an administration room, a control room, a shed, a conveyer system, a huge hopper/grinder/mixer, some other hoppers, and a trailer. I will do my best to order them by building.


The facility seen from the surrounding area. A closer view of the giant hopper. The administration building with the mechanical control room next to it in back.
The sign left from the days of operation. A great night shot of the place. Looks almost like day. Something nearby that looked like a pool. Not really sure what it was.
A much closer view of the giant hopper.


The buildings were extremely interesting as they were still full of treasures from the past. They also, however, were filled with bees, wasps, and birds. It was scary, but we managed to pull it off.


A night shot of the building. Inside looking through a partition window. The room the other picture is looking in. It had a receive only phone and an open window. Nice.
Same room looking back. It was in this bathroom that I was attacked by a bird Between the admin and control buildings was the meter that once spun years ago.
The back of the building. Similar angle taken at night. What a great find. I wonder if there are still drinks inside.


The creepy, nasty shed. Not much to say about it.

Overgrown and nasty. Inside. There were some interesting relics, but mostly paint.

The Control Room

By far one of the single most interesting rooms I've ever been in. It was full of mechanics and buttons that once ran the place. It mostly looked intact other than some wires running around. It was pretty cool to say the least. It is difficult to describe. You walk in and there is this small room with a huge controller and crusher on the left and wires and charts to the right.

Just inside the room. You can see the things described in the paragraph. Looking back out. You can see some of the mechanics more clearly. Was this the "ON" button? Whatever it was it didn't work :(
One of the controls on the conveyer side. Another controller on the conveyer side. The crusher.
The other side of the room with switches and charts. A great night shot utilizing artificial light to show the controls.

The Conveyer and Hopper

The rest of the place had a huge conveyer system running from the back of the plant up to the top of the buildings to a crusher, which was featured in the control room, to another conveyer leading to a huge hopper and mixer.

On the conveyer system. The large green thing under the conveyer is the crusher. Looking back down. The end leads to some more hoppers, which will be show later. On the top looking over the admin building. This is actually right above the crushers. Too bad I didn't get a picture.
The motors that ran this puppy. Looking down. Scary. The backside looking up.
The hopper and mixer taken from on the conveyer. I had to climb out on that thing to get photos of the mixer. Fun. Same thing different angle. On the platform of the hopper looking up.
On the platform looking down. Looking insde the mixer. One can see concrete still inside. Beautiful. Different angle of the same thing.
The close up of the outside of the mixer.

As mentioned before, the conveyer ran down a hill through some foliage and had 3 more hoppers that once supplied them with rocks. Here they are.

The hopper. Other ones.

Overall, I can't say enough about the greatness of the venue. Appreciate it while it lasts. I'm honestly surprised it has been around this long. It is somewhat dangerous so don't be stupid like us and climb on everything.