The Train Bridge

I have been to many abandoned places. I have been to abandoned TB hospitals, Mental Institutions, Schools, and other various places. But there is something about an old train bridge that has fallen into the river that creeps me out! This bridge collapsed sometime in 2007 and creeps me out!!!! Wow!!!!! So, of course, we had to check it out.

The bridge simply fell into the river after years of inactivity. The actual train tracks had long been removed. I remember driving by and seeing this part of the bridge in the water when the river was low. It was cool, but creepy. By the time we check it out, they had removed it.

The Bridge

One can see how the once proud train bridge simply fell into the waters........ehhhh

Here we go.....the Grounds

We pretty much had to, well, it was kinda interesting to find. It really is no where by today's standards. However, there was some interesting river stuff going on.

On top

This is where it gets scary. We got ont his old bridge and followed it all the way to where it stood over the river. It was surprisingly sturdy.

on the way looking off to the side nice
looking toward the river looking back, but there was no going back looking down the side
eeek!!! you can see where the bridge once connected looking down! wow. strong current more looking at the other side
more to the side Checking out what used to be part of the rails walking back but looking toward the river
following the grounds that used to be a railroad one more look at the once magnificent bridge a creepy chair we found in the flood plain.

Overall, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might be wondering why we didn't follow the bridge out on the other side. Well, for one we could not find/did not have the energy to track down the bridge ont eh other side. We had other venues to check out this day. The other reason is that we already knew how much we could trust the bridge. Check out the sat. scan at the top of the page. We did not trust to walk out into the middle of this bridge, which had already fallen down, when it was below freezing out!!!!