German Methodist Church and Colored School

This building sits as one of Southern Indiana's only remaining one room school houses around. It's in terrible shape, as one will see. It has plans for it's revival, however they are quite far off. The building is literally falling apart, and an F2 Tornado that ran right over it a few years back didn't help. Now it stands with much damage.

Its history is pretty much summed up in the historical register plaque on the front. It was built as a church, and later converted to a grade school for African American's from 1875-1950. Since it was a school for African Americans for most of it's history, it is generally called the Colored School. I know such a term in today's world is outdated and offensive, but it is referred to that way because historically that's what it was called. I'll spare you all the history lesson and you can just read from the photograph of the plaque.

The school as it looks today.

The plaque that tells all. The back of the building. Looking towards the front. One can see of loft to the right.
The back of the building. It was probably the front of the classroom however. On can see what's left of a chalkboard. The side wall.

Overall, a great find. I urge everyone who sees this page to check the building out, but do not try to get inside. The building is in such bad shape that even innocently climbing in through a window could dislodge more bricks and damage the place even more.