The Farm

Update (2014): The farm has been razed. 

This was a wonderful accidentally find; a wonderful farm abandoned a few years back. One can tell that this beauty was build many, many years ago. We found a vehicle inside with places current as of 2004, so probably was abandoned after that. I don't know much else about this place besides it obviously used to serve the land around it and that now a developer owns it. That, of course, means it will only be around until they find something to build there. Oh well. We got in at started taking pictures and then were chased off by the very nice neighbors. They were very understanding so we left without problem. This is what we got before we had to go.

We focused mainly on the grain elevator. Since we were run off, it is the pretty much the only building we were able to enter and photograph. It was extremely smelly and dangerous, but well worth it.

This is towards the grain elevator. It was definitely the most interesting building there.

The Grounds

There was mostly old barns and such around. Some of them had some old farm equipment and a few them appeared and smelled like they were stables.

The Grain Elevator

This Grain Elevator is unlike anything I have seen. You can see new models off in the distance, but this one is very, very old.

Outside looking in Around the other side facing the doorway in. a very epic shoot. The backside of the turret.
More around the back. Just inside the loading, unloading area. Same room looking to the right.
Some grain left over. Looking back out the door entered towards some hoppers. Another shot of the hoppers from outside.
To the side of the truck was the entrance to the promised land. It was disgusting. Ankle high deepness of rotting seed and grain. A bit closer. Now, I could easily go through the floor here, should I go?? Of Course!
In the middle platform looking up. Looking at the wall. Looking at the outer wall outside the turret room I was in.
Looking down below the middle platform.

The adjacent bard.

Overall, pretty cool. It would have been nice to get interior shots from all of the buildings, but they weren't all that great anyway's.