Small Buildings

These buildings are kind of the miscellaneous group. There were two small buildings in which I can only speculate what their use was. One of them looks rather old, and the other is pure cinder block. Neither one of them are very architecturally impressive, but actually I was glad to find them. The smaller of the two is already gone, and the bigger one awaits it's demise.

Getting in the larger building was easy as the door was wide open. Broken glass and other junk made walking around a bit difficult, but I managed. I can only guess that this building was some type of utility room. It was completely cinder block, but there was a register for the heater.

Formerly building 20 as it sits away from all the other buildings. Just inside the door. You can see all the debris around. Just to the right of the main door is this small room with a register.
In the main room looking out the windows. The door to the small room with the register. That weird looking thing in the main room. No idea what it is.

There were a two larger rooms behind the main room.

To the back left of the main room is this room. This rooms is straight back from the main room adjacent to the bathroom. . Same room different angle.
On the way out of that room, these jackets hang. Who knows how long they have been hanging there.

This building came equipped with its own bathroom with adjacent room for something. The door to it is at the back right of the main room.

It still has soap, a toothbrush, and some other hygienic products. Nasty. The adjacent room with more junk.

Out in the middle was this other small building. It had an old engine in it that had a crank. My guess is it was used as a small pump house. Perhaps even a backup for the sprinkler system if a fire broke out. I really don't know for sure.

The outside of this small building. It is no longer there. The engine.

It was interesting to see these small buildings even though I don't really know what they were used for.

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