Continuing Treatment Unit
Second Excursion

Many things have happened since my last excursion. I went last year on Good Friday and the place was an utter wreck. Since then, I had made one trip in the summer and noticed how much worse things had gotten. Since then, crews have been in and out to abate the building for asbestos. I imagined the place would just be in ruble. To my dismay, the building was surprisingly clean. In fact, it just looked like an empty building. All the debris and mold seemed to be gone (I'm sure winter had something to do with that) and everything was swept and put up nicely. I couldn't believe what I saw.

This time, I was propositioned by Tealman for the excursion. I was happy to go. I just had to get a new camera and the nerve. So we set out in the early afternoon and had quite the adventure. It was quite cold. I'm not going to go through the quality control on this pictures. This site will be large and contain almost all of the pictures I took; good or bad. I have tried to categorize these pictures somewhat. However, they are somewhat chronological as well. Also, you may want to compare some of the pictures to the original page to see the differences time has made.

Tealman noticed a potential way in through the old ambulance entrance. This interested me because it would be much easier than going through the back entrance which is highly visible now that the concourse has been removed. We attempted and failed. The entrance had a nice tunnel leading to what used to be another building. We found ruble and water. I still forgot to take pictures of the ambulance entrance. All I have is one from a camera phone...enjoy.

As you can see, this tunnel ended up no where. This is located under the main entrance.


It was obvious that another entrance was necessary. I had a feeling my old faithful entrance was still available; the unlocked backdoor. Of course, it still wanted to let me in. I have been told there used to be a museum somewhere in the basement. However, most of the stuff was stolen, and there were no remains of it.

This time, we did go in a slightly different door. Similar in path, but on the right instead of the left. Who cares.

This time, the basement was the first goal. The basement tunneled out into this in the middle.

Irony; my cold breath being captured in front of the heater.

Another door leading to the basement. This door faces out towards the ambulance entrance.

Same position but facing towards the middle of the building.

We found all sorts of utility type rooms throughout the basement. Here is one of them. They must have remodeled in the 60's or 70's. The wood paneling is not my favorite having grown up with some in my house.
This is pretty much the way every hall looked. Dark, cold, flooded, and dripping

It was time to look for the pool I was sure was in there. We headed towards the west side of the building. Most of the basement was not exciting and just big and cold.

Farther west in the building there was actually some light. This room must have lead to the pool, but that was already torn down. A similar type room.

There was a commode in this room. Anyone who comes to this site knows I like taking pictures of these.

Same large room with Tealman in the background. Door.

A fairly large room we found having access to a furnace.

This was the closest thing to a pool we found. I have no idea what it was. What looks to be the remains of a furnace.

First Floor

The rest of these pictures are assorted from the first floor. This was actually the last place we explored, but it made since to put it here. This was actually the most upsetting. Most of the building looked like empty hallways, but this main area shows some of the former personality of the building and gives a hint of what it used to look like in its days of operation.

I think this picture is great. Not because of what is in red, but if you read the top right corner....that says allot....

One of the front lobby areas. Wow, the place looks much different from the first trip. One can actually see now.

This is the front door. Now with hole designed for porting out asbestos.

Reception area. Why go around? Just knock the wall out.

Busted glass. I think this lead to a lobby area.

Obviously leading to the nurses area. The waiting area in the nurses office.

More of the nurses office.

The curved hallway towards the side of the building. Hallway.

Surprisingly, doors were boarded off in the most counterintuitive of places.


These are somewhat assorted from the 2nd and 3rd. We found some interesting things.

Linen closet.

One of the more recognizable restrooms in the building. These were for the residents. Showers.

Colorful wallpaper.

I don't know what this room was. It looks like someone tore up my favorite wallpaper. Notice, my face is still there.

One of the big day rooms.

This map was of no use to us in finding out where to go. Apparently they had a bowling ally. It did help us find the library. Entrance to the library.

I only wish I could have seen this room when it had books.

A nice look out at the other courtyard. It is easy to tell that it was plowed through. Another large room. Water damage has eroded the ceiling.

This room has the window cut out so they could port the asbestos to a nearby dumpster.

Some education artifacts. Looking down.

We did come across a few of the restraint rooms. I have received several emails from ESH employees about these. When the building opened in 1945, these were probably used more often. However, in the past 30-40 years, medicines have done a great deal to help people and these restraint rooms, while still used, were rarely used. In fact, the idea was to use them as little as possible. Many of these rooms were used for other things like washers and dryers. People tend to have the wrong impression about places like this because they watch too many movies. People need to be cognizant of the fact that the workers work very hard and care very much for the patients. The goal it to help people become better.

A restraint bed. The peep hole. Looking out towards the door.

Kitchen and Dining Facilities

We decided to head to the kitchen area and see how things are. What we found was quite interesting. This area was a complete mess on my first trip. Now, most of the rooms were completely empty. I would highly recommend checking out the pics from the original outing to compare. The resemblance is subtle.

I once suggested that this room probably held movies based on the drapes at the end of it.

The windows in in the back used to have solid white drapes. Now, this room is wide open and pristine looking. Another picture of the same room.

This is the room where they used to cook the food.

I think there used to be more ovens in here, but this is the only one left. Surprisingly, this is the only graffiti in the building. Not sure what this room was. Looks to be where they gave out medicine.

The old eating area. Now it is organized and cleaned up.

There was still junk here. In fact, more than the last time, but it was piled up neatly, the floor was swept, and the drapes where gone.

Employee Dining

A regret last time was that I ventured through the entire area of the building except here. I had been here, but without a camera. Now it was time for retribution so I would know I have covered the entire building.

Employee lunch area.

There was a small room to the side. I found what looks to be some old radio equipment. It was probably used as an intercom. Passed that area was a staircase back down and this hallway which led to some offices.

Of course I had to get pics of the employee lunch area bathroom.

Stalls. Shower stall.


Hallway leading to more offices. You can see the difference in condition of rooms that had windows open. Nasty.

Heading back a bit.

Back down the stairs through the loud squeaky door, we are back in the patient dining area. Gotta eat healthy.

Back in the oven area. I think the other ovens were located here judging on the concrete.

Facing the other way is this staircase that leads back up to the employee area. We went back up. This is pretty much right up the stairs. More offices.

Looks like some type of staff lounge area.

I suppose they had departmentalized areas for eating.

Upper Floors and Roof

We decided to go to the top. We found a few previously unexplored areas, but nothing too exciting. No killer crows this time either. We went up and down the stairs over the next bit of our trip. Some of the staircases were not destroyed as most of the ones I noticed on my first trip. Because of this new find, I was able to ascertain why the stairs were destroyed. They were granite. I'm guessing someone wanted to cash in on that.

The roof facing south towards our "expressway."

Roof access. One of the upper rooms. Not a bad view really.

Another bedroom.

The still intact granite stairs. Not sure what this area was, but it was new to me.

Sunsets must have been gorgeous in this room.

Looks like all the stuff they tore up when removing the asbestos. The main area of this floor. This was the top floor by the way.

To the roof.

Roof. This isn't really as creepy as it looks. I think one of the asbestos workers was taking breaks up here.

Elevator control.

A nice top floor view of the small courtyard. Tore up stairs.

A hallway in one of the upper levels.

I wish I had a farther off shot of this. It is where they knocked out the wall to get to the asbestos. Every such area had yellow caution tape. I always enjoy how you can see the exposed masonry. They obviously weren't worried about how it looked being behind a wall. They support our troops.

A green room upstairs somewhere.

Back downstairs...


It was time to move on to the Laundry Room or whatever else we could get in. Here are a couple exterior shots.

On the way out. You can see the concourse to the smaller courtyard. Knocked out. This used to lead to the cafeteria area.

Facing where the main concourse used to be, this is headed north. One final look at my evil tree. I shouldn't say that because in spring it blooms and is quite beautiful.

A beautiful shot of the building in all it's glory.

A great trip overall. I have no idea how much longer it has, but I am glad I had another opportunity to go through it.

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