The Bakery

Update: The Bakery was razed May 4th, 2006.

The vernacular bakery sits just behind where the concourse used to be and adjacent to the laundry room. It's vernacular architecture isn't all that impressive, at least at a glance, but I have grown a liking to this small building. Back in the Woodmere days, I think patients of less serious illnesses cooked bread and other items that were sold on the market as another way the hospital paid for itself. However, one can tell that this building hasn't seen good home cookin for a long time. I believe it was used until 2002 when they moved next door, but not as a bakery.

They are also trying to save this building. This one has hope as someone wants to turn it back into a bakery and use its original purpose.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

The best way to get in is through the wide open side door. The first time I went in was on a Monday when they were plowing the dirt outside it. I actually walked right by a worker who saw me go in. He didn't seem to care, and judging by the packs of cigarettes I found, they probably had no business in there either except to take smoke breaks. The building was quite small, but there was still good stuff to see. Here are the external shots.

The exterior of the 1920 Bakery.

The front of the bakery. It took me a while to like this building, but now I have an appreciation for it. A far off shot of the back. You can see the surrounding buildings for perspective. I could not find out how to get to this window. There were no ladders or staircases.

Also outside was some metal thing. Maybe someone could help me on this one as I don't know what it is. Originally I thought it was part of the bakery, but it doesn't look like a stove.

This thing was huge. I'm not sure if it was a pipe or what. It was just outside the bakery so who knows. Opposite angle. The sign reveals what this building was most previously used for. A recycle shop.

Inside there are three rooms. There is one large room where all the cooking took place and two small rooms with doors leading outside to the front. I have no idea why they would need two front rooms with doors, but who knows.

Just inside the wide open door this is looking towards the front of the building where the two small rooms are. Looking towards the back of the building. A straight side shot from the door.
Inside the building, this is the small room on the left. The small room on the right. I love stickers. See if you can tell what they are.

A nice little building that one served an important purpose. I really hope they can turn this back into a bakery and save it. Otherwise, well we all know what it's fate will be.

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