The Power Station

This building was one of the first one's the razed. You could always see it's smokestack from far away and it was a defining character in the area. I never got a picture of the smokestack when it was up, which is unfortunate. I drove to work one day and it was standing. When I came home it was gone. All the pictures I have of it are that of its demise. I wish I would have made it out there before so you could see what it was.

The fully intact power station, or at least the back and oldest part of itt, as it stood weeks before it's demolition.

All that was left when I got there:

Standing in what would have been the inside. To the right was the part of the structure that had yet to be torn down. You could see newer air fans that suggest it was used until recently. Some of the huge equipment that was once used to generate 1.21 jigawatts of electricity. More huge equipment that was taken out of the plant.

Behind the building you could see where the building was located and get a hint of what it used to look like.

Just behind it facing west. It was right next to the bakery. In the back through what used to be a window.
Behind the building looking up at the smokestack. Same angle just looking down to reveal more ruble. Same position but facing right.

Now the whole area around around this is a bunch of dirt with straw on it. You would never know it was there....

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