The Laundry Room

This building is probably everyone's favorite. Of course, mine is the Phantom Theatre. Constructed in 1907, it is the oldest of all remaining buildings. It's Gothic Revival architecture makes it not only good to look at, but may help keep it from destruction. It was used as a laundry room back in the Woodmere days, but other than that I don't know anything about it. Hopefully, a building this gorgeous will be saved.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

All I have is exterior shots of the building, but you can see how nice it is.

The south end of the building as it sits just above the Phantom Theatre. Same side from a different angle. Above the garage you can really see the architectural genius behind this building.

Each side of the building had it's own tower like structure.

The west side of the building that faces where the water tower used to be. Inside what used to be a window. The side that faces east.

The back of the building shows the bad shape this building is getting into. The front looks really good, but here you can see cracked bricks and other problems.

The back of the building. Similar angle just farther up the east part of the building to reveal the Phantom Theatre in front. A straight back shot.
This little spot is in the middle of the back of the building. I thought I could get in this way but all I found was a cat that hissed at me.

Again, another beautiful building that could come victim to the wrecking ball. Hopefully someone will step in with the means to save it.

Update (1/20/2006): I finally had the opportunity to explore the inside of the former state hospital's oldest building. It was easy enough to get it, you just had to be really tall or have an exceptional vertical. My leg still hurts from the expedition.

Tealman and I checked this out after a near 3 hour tour of the CTU. I had been wanting to get in ever since I started this page, and I finally had my chance. There was a ladder, but I didn't trust it too much so I had to jump on up. Inside, I found a perfectly reusable building in which even a blind person could see its potential.

Looking just inside the knocked out window, this is where you enter. Opposite wall. Looking back on the window, this side faces south.
This is what used to be a way in back in its operational days. A closer shot of the door. A far off shot of the main door.
This is facing next door to the bakery. Same picture as the one on left, but at a different angle so you can see a more holistic view of the building. The wonderful ceiling.

It was pretty much a big open room. However, there were a few rooms off to the side. One of them had a collapsed ceiling and the other looked to be just storage. I really do not know what they used to be.

The first room. This looked pretty primitive and had only rotten tables in it. This room was pretty much ruined. You can see how the ceiling has become one with the floor. Farther down the building on the left, this is what you see.

The final room was the storage room. There were all types of street signs in there. I found it quite interesting that they would use this building to store them.

Some of the signs stored inside.The opposite wall facing back out.
At the very end of the building is the room being used as storage.

In closing, it was a really neat building to have the privledge to explore. I really hope they can find another use for this building.

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