Old Ruined House

This house was very, very cool. However, I know absolutely nothing about it. It was fairly visible being it was right off of the road, but looks like no one has lived there in years. The grass was high enough that it probably hasn't been mowed since the last inhabitants moved out. The house was also falling apart and in a very bad state of disrepair. However, it was awesome.

The house as it sits off the road.

Entrance was easy. We simply had to traverse the gate, get a bunch of ticks, and walk through the non-existent door. As tough as that was, what we found inside made it more than worth our time.

From the "driveway." The side of the house. Hallway
One of the side rooms that was obviously destroyed. A close up in the same room. The living room. It still has some furniture.
Different angle of the living room. A side room. A ruined side room.
The falling in ceiling of the same room.

Going upstairs, one could really see the bad shape the house was in. I treaded lightly to go up the stairs and definitely watched my step. There were many places that you could easily step through, but we managed as always.

The wonderful stairs. I didn't really trust them, but I didn't fall through either. The hallway at the top of the stairs. Turning around from the previous photo, there was a window with a nice view of the field outside.

There were a couple really interested former bedrooms upstairs. You can still see the wallpaper that used to grace these rooms, but now all that is left is rubble.

I tried going up anyways..I had to climb just to put a foot through the first stair. Part of the falling in ceiling. More water damaged walls.
I tried going up anyway s..I had to climb just to put a foot through the first stair. Bathrooms. The bathroom as seen from the hole in the wall.

The basement was also pretty cool. It was filthy as expected, but it was so rotten you could see all the way through the roof, which was cool. There were some artifacts and other stuff that was left behind.

You can still see the hot-water heater. A pile of rubble in the corner. Outer wall. Cinder block? This house probably isn't that old.
Looking up at the rotted floor. Same angle without the flash to give a better view. A pile of remnants.

This was definitely the coolest falling apart house I have been to. It had little remnants from people living there, but it just had a character about it. I'm sure this site cannot do this house justice.