Dam 48

Entering this area was quite easy. It took a while to find due the fact that it's out in the middle of no where and that there is no dam anymore to use as a landmark. As you can see this building has seen better days, but compared to how it used to look, this is in great condition. The current owners have already replaced the windows in top floor and have moved in.

The side that faces the river. You can see the way they used to measure the flooding. The far side that faces the woods.

The original water tower still stands in all of it's glory, though it is no longer used. The cistern that most likely provided water for the tower is still there, but filled up with dirt. The old pump house remains as well. However, the pump house does not look as old as the rest of the complex which would suggest it replaced the original or was added later.

The rusty but structurally sound water tower. An exhausting climb, but a great view of the river. The old well. I wouldn't want to drink anything out of this. The pump house sits right behind the building with the well right in front.

I went in through the basement thinking it was haunted. You could tell by the floor and other mud stains that this basement's only purpose these days is to collect nasty flood water. I doubt the owners have any plans for it besides putting a bilge pump down there. You can see the horrid vandalizing that has been done here. This type of incredibly stupid thing happens when people are idiots. It never was a school and no murders ever occurred here. It's just an old dam plain and simple.

The nasty basement with putrid caked dirt. This is where people claim a murder took place. You can see how the flooding has weathered this room. The staircase leads to the main floor.

The basement was interesting, but the main scenic aspects of this buildings is definitely in the main floor. Once inside you can see the large main room that once housed offices for the dam workers and even though it is tagged all over you can see how beautiful it must have been during its years of operation. The main entrance opens into a hallway that has a locked staircase on the right, a room to the left, and what appears to be the remnants of the restrooms.

The doorway in even though there really isn't a door anymore. The main hallway. This folding chair now stands where a toilette used to be.

Once out of the main hallway, you can see the wide open main room. You can also see the years of vandalism that really take away from the gorgeous and rather still intact interior. There are wooden planks and windows all over the place so I'm sure this building will look much different in a few months.

The main room. Other than the busted back end, it's in good structural condition.

Same room but facing the opposite direction. You can see the beautiful tiles now covered with crappy murals.

This view faces out what used to be the main doors towards the river.

If you go back towards the entrance you'll come across this little room. Whatever they put around the bricks is coming off revealing them underneath.

The little room facing out towards the main room. Facing out the windows. This door leads back out to the hallway.

On the way out, I took some more pictures of around the place.

The ladder that comes from the basement. The old flagpole stands and still has it's rope, but it is caught in a tree. This building looks to be in good condition expect for the drains on the roof. Also notice this still has it's lightening rod.

Overall, a pretty nice find. I was disappointed that it was not what I had been led to believe it was. I have to admit, the way the building is structured it is believable it could have been a school with its big open rooms, male and female restrooms, and a small office type room in the back. I also wish I could have made it out here before the restoration process had begun. I wasn't able to see the top floor because the door had been chained off. I do look forward to seeing this place when it's done and I commend the owners for their efforts. It is a shame they will have to pain over all that brick just to cover what those dam fools have done. If you do decide to go there, remember it is now privately owned and someone's house.