Red House

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This place is nothing special; just an old abandoned home with everything left inside. We found this one on accident back in 2007, but knew it would be worthwhile. I have no idea about the history of the place. The decor was very outdated, very 70's looking and a calendar suggests its last inhabitants were then until 1989. Other than that, the owner's liked to booze. The place is pretty much falling apart and trashed, but it is pretty incredible because there is so much stuff left inside.

When we went it, it was quite scary. The steps were missing so we kinda had to jump to get into the kitchen area. We were greeted with falling ceilings, the smell of rotting wood, and the wonderful mold murals that were left for us by nature.


The Kitchen/Dining Areas

Living Room

Freight Elevator

Bedrooms and misc

Overall not a bad find.......