Victory Field

Update: This place has been completely renovated! Check out more

The wonderful, and far as I know, unused Victory Field. This is not to be confused with the other Victory Field where the Indians play. This wonderful place opened in 1931 and was originally named Perr Stadium. However, during that thing we call WWII, in 1942 it was named Victory Field. Much like many things of that era the word "victory" was put into just about everything......remember victory gardens? Well, in 1967 it was often with stadiums getting sold it got another name change....Bush is still called that to this day, but it spent it's main years as Victory Field and there still is a victory field so in it's honor....I personally call it that. Anyawys, it was home to several baseball teams, mainly the Indians, and after it closed in the mid 90's they converted it into a midget auto racing venue, which lasted two years. Now it sits empty, vacant, and its future is very undetermined.

One thing I wanted to bring to the attention of the people who actually read my rants....notice the beautiful Art Deco architecture all over this place. The buildings were quite flagrant in their Art Deco ways and it really shows in the incredible place.

The Stadium as seen from the parking lot.

So, it looks like it needed my wonderful skills as a photographer to archive it....

The Exteriors

The main entrance. nice.
Ticket booth....sign and everything.
Showing some of the Deco markings. The back. Distance shot
Doorway by main entrance. More markings.
Very cool. Very, Very cool The back of the stands.
Some of the once famous ivy growing back. The back wall. FYI


Now, I could not get into this it took some work to get the pictures I did. Enjoy.

Somehere inside. Another room. The awesome field.
The back wall and stands.

Well, that is all I have for now. A pretty awesome place. Maybe next time I will be able to get in.