Just off the shores of the mighty Ohio River sits a shipwreck of epic proportions......well, maybe not, but it is the closest thing to a shipwreck one will probably see in the Indiana area; a beached barge. It must have drifted up the shore a bit when the river was high. It looks to have sat for a long while, but recently has been scrapped out. This is what was left.

There were actually a barge and another boat that was beached.

The Barge

It took a long drive down a long, rural road. And a long walk down a long, dirt road

There was not much left. Again, most had been scrapped out. But you could still mostly see where the large barge was.

Just through the path that lead there. What's left of the back of the barge. Looking forward towards the front.
Towards the front looking back. In the very back looking forward. You can see the outline of the used to be the barge. Walking up towards the bow.
The bow, port side. The bow, starboard side. The very front.
One can see the different textures of rust and dirt from the waterlines. The front had been opened up. It looked like a huge mouth. There was some type of room. The rusty ladder inside.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. The side of the room. Looking up in the mouth.
The backside of the bow stern side. The bow stern side, other side.

The Boat

We weren't expecting to find this here, but it looks to have washed ashore...or maybe they put it here on purpose. Either way, it looked stuck and needed someone to photograph it.

It took some walking down the muddy shores of the Ohio to get to.

Sitting proudly. You can see it's stuck here with some driftwood. The side that said "keep off"
On top. This thing was pure metal, and very hot from baking out in the sun. Looking down the side into the river.

Overall, a pretty good find. I really wished there was more of the barge left, but oh well. At least we got to find it.