The Tunnel and Catacombs

This can be accessed via the Old Courthouse or the Old Jail. The Jail has a more direct route as you have to get through the Catacombs under the Courthouse. It was used to transport criminals from the Jail to the Courthouse for their trials. I'm not sure if they used it until the Jail closed or not. The Catacombs are still used, but as a Haunted House. I haven't been to this so I couldn't tell you if they use the Tunnel as part of it or not.

The Tunnel was nasty. It was pitch dark, full of rusty falling down pipes, and at one point, I thought I might sink through the floor, but it was still nice. Most of these have been augmented so you can see them better.

The entrance as viewed from the Old Jail. The Tunnel was about 50 yards or so and had a couple curves. Another shot on the way to the Courthouse.
Original piping. A heavily augmented shot so you can see farther down. This is in the opposite direction headed back from the Courthouse. Some of the pipes were falling off. You can see the muddy floor and a bilge pump later installed to keep water out.
A close up of the rotten pipes.

The rest of these pictures are in the Catacombs. Once you get out of the Tunnel, you end up in a larger room that is used as part of the Haunted House. If you are interested in going check out this site.
Old Catacombs

The site actually has information about a ghost hunt they did here where they actually were led to an old whiskey bottle that had newspaper clippings. If you read through the articles you'll notice that all of them have to do with murders or disappearances. Very Strange. They say a serial killer, Luther Starks, escaped through here years ago.

Just out of the Tunnel is this room. I don't know if this was originally here or if the Haunted House put it there. You turn the corner and BOO!!
When coming in through the Courthouse, this is what you see. More Halloween stuff. Bloody footprints. Beware.
The Tunnel door from the Catacombs.

Definitely up there on my list of favorites. I'll have to check out the Haunted House next October.

The Old Courthouse
The Old Jail