The Exteriors

The outside was quite epic. It was Folk Victorian. This style was a less ornate style than Italaniate, Second Empire, or Queen Anne. This style was used fairly often for municipal buildings that were built in the Victorian Era. This particular style was popular c. 1870-1910, but in this region it was mostly common around the 1890's. That is most likely when this facility was built. Then again, the beautiful courthouse was built in 1876 and features similar architecture so it is possible this jail was built around that time as county courthouses and jails often were built around the same time.

Well, whenever it was built, it served as a jail until the late 1970's and then was replaced. It served as the sheriff's home with the jail being in the back. This was quite common. The Old Vanderburgh Count Jail was similar to this in that regard. It served from some point until just a year or two ago as a group home for troubled male teenagers. Now, it sits hopeful for a 3rd chance at use.

The front entrance.

The exteriors were pretty simple. You had a house that had a jail attached the back of it. One can notice the sudden change of archetecture as one walks around the building.




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