The Basement

The basement was pretty much a basement, but rather awesome one. On the one end, it was a normal basement from that era. It has some utilities rooms for heading and such and a coal storage room. On the other hand, it had a series of catacombs with bars on them. Why bars? One can only guess.

Off to the side of the kitchen is the stairs.

The basement was very cool. There were several small rooms located around the place. There was a main room, which looked like a tool room. A main hallway, and several offshoot rooms including the coal storage room. There was also a room with ash-shoot from some of the fireplaces. It still had ashes coming out. In that same room there was a door going outside.

The top two shots are the main area in the basement.

I had never seen a coal storage room Until now. Let me tell you how pumped I was! It still had coal dust everywhere!

The next part was the most rewarding (next to the coal storage of course) part we had seen so far. It is possible that they held prisoners down here, however I do not know that for fact. There was pretty much one large hallway that had three tunnels down them. Also, one could still see the cut marks in the stones from when they were carved to build this facility...very cool


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