Darnell School

The Darnell School, as I call it, sits off the road and looks like it hasn't seen any students for many, many years. It may never been a school and certainly may not have been called "Darnell School" but that's all the information I can find for it. Upon looking through the building, it does look like it could have been a one room schoolhouse at one time. The metal roof gives it a 1930's look, and there is a makeshift partition in the middle which looks to separate one room into to. What I do know is that it was most recently used as a barn. There is all types of feed on the ground and hay on the top level. Whatever it was originally used for, it was a barn at one point.

The building as it sits off the road.

It takes a decent drive through the gorgeous countryside even to find the place. A closer shot of the building. The side of the building. It's obviously very overgrown.
Behind all the overgrowth you can barely see the roof. The only way in without jumping to a window was through a path in the foliage which led to a crumpled place in a broken wall. Just to the right of the entryway is this hole that leads to the main room. It is obviously was never a door...just a hole.
The hole in the wall.

Once inside, one can see a small room with a hallway. On the one side of the room there appears to be what was once the front door. Beyond that is a hall that wraps around and has two ways into the same room.

In the room looking out at the hole. The "front entrance." The main hallway. It had 3 doors, which all somehow seemed to lead to the main room, which was separated by a makeshift wall.

This place had 3 interesting artifacts. The first one is an old fridge. It's a Kelvinator and I'm guessing it's from the 1950's, though I am probably wrong. The other is this furnace looking thing. I really don't know much about either.

Inside. The logo. The heater/furnace thing.
Top. Inside.

The rest of the building was pretty amazing. It was old, dirty, and very abandoned.

Farther down the main hallway passed the fridge. Facing the other way. Surprisingly, all the windows were still in here and mostly intact.
The back part of the main room. The front part. To the left is the partition. Some writing left on the wall.

The other part of the main room was the best. It had the open windows and the second floor.

The back part of the other part of the main room. The other side showing that big hole. The front of the building.
The floor, which was busted up pretty bad, and the partition to the left. THe partition which separates the otherwise one room into two. Close up of the hole.

Climbing up the partition to access the top level was the only next option.

Looking straight up at the overhanging from the second level. Same thing different level. Looking down at the main room.
The top level with hay still in it. More of the top. There was a hole which was probably used to hoist up hay back in the day.

The windows were nice and overgrown throughout the building. Here are a few pictures.

The back part of the main room. The front part. To the left is the partition.

Whoever owned the land left a small shed full of junk around this building. They were equipped with tractors, and dead body cars.

The shed. A dead body car. The inside was pretty decent.
There was a lot of stuff. More stuff. One of the several tractors found.
The other dead body car. One can see by the date on the plate that this car has sat for a long time. Stuff behind the car.

Overall, an incredible place to check out. I wish I knew more about what it was. If you know more about this place than I do, please email me.