The Pool

The pool still sits off the side of the road in infamy. Many people drive passed it every day and don't' even realize it's there. That's mainly because it has sat there since the late 60's when the place closed or even before that. Since then, tree have grown up and surrounded it leaving it to be quite a cryptic scene.

The pool as sits off the road. The east end of the pool; also the deep end. Closer up looking in.,
Down the ladder. Moving south. Standing in the shallow end looking towards the deep end.
In the deep end looking towards the shallow. I moved some of the muck away to see the bottom of the pool. Drains.

Now the really cool stuff. The lights were still there from back in its days of operation. Now, they are completely grown around by trees; that should give some idea how long it's been since someone has taken a dive.

One of the intact lights. Looking up at another light. Looking at the shallow end ladder.
On top the shallow end ladder.