The Mills Building

The Mills building still stands it all it's glory. Though age has not done it well. This is presumably where the adults lived and many of Dr. Crimm's life saving surgeries took place. Now, it appears to be used as storage.

Update: It appears now that this building is being renovated!!!! Sources say it will be turned into apartments!!! Good!!!

The side that faces Boehne Camp Rd. This side faces North and would have faced the Children's Hospital. This was most likely the main entrance. Same side showing the whole building.
Same side from another angle. The backside of the building. The flagpole still stands.

Since there was no way in, these shots are the best I can do.

Inside the door facing the road. To the left showing the stairs to the basement. Up the main stairs.
2nd story creepy window with lovely rotten curtains.

I really think this building is beautiful. I just hope it doesn't get ruined by irresponsible thrill seekers and people who vandalize for no reason.