Children's Hospital

I spent what seemed to be months trying to get a hold of the owners for permission. When I finally did, they gave me a simple "No" answer. To me, of course, a no only meant they wouldn't let me in, not that I wouldn't get it. I had seen the red caution tape and yellow paper the county nails on buildings that are deemed unsafe and knew it was only a matter of time until it was gone. Unfortunately, it was razed even quicker than I thought it would. Before I had a chance to infiltrate it, it was only a pile or ruble. Fortunately for me, I knew someone who had been in, and he gave me these pictures.

This is what it looked like before it was razed. You can tell it was in horrid condition. I don't think this building was used for anything after Tuberculosis services were closed which means it has just sat there rotting. The owners apparently had no intention of doing anything with it. It's too bad really.

The front view. A view of it at night. Nice and creepy looking. No wonder why so many went out there looking for a scare. The shoe was stuck to the door knob.

One can obviously see why people would come here for a spook or two. The back middle of the building. A conveniently placed dead plant.
I've seen this trick before. Knock the staircase away from the door but leave the door open at all times. This will definitely keep people out. I suppose they weren't the first ones to explore here. This is the basement and am told is where the fearless adventurers gained entrance.

Inside the building is what appears to be a goldmine for urban explorers and thrill seekers. Peeling paint, rotten desks, and soap.

Rotten stuff everywhere. I love the smell of asbestos in the morning. I hope nobody got tired and needed to sit down.

Also everywhere was school desks. I can only assume that they provided some type of education for the Tuberculosis infected children.

Class is no longer in session. More rotten desks. You can really tell that this building has literally been left to rot.
Some desks put upside down. A filthy desk.

Here are some other items found.

A great shot of the desk and wall. This building is almost completely unintelligible.

Looks like some rotten chairs in front of a breaker.

This is kind of upsetting. Those look like high chairs.

Some other interesting finds. I only wish I could have personally seen some of this.

An old cabinet. I wonder what it was used for. No telling how long that soap has been sitting there. 35-40 years? Not really sure what this is.

Here are some pictures of what the gounds look like 2 years after the destruction. One can see that the ruble left from the building was merely pushed off into the nearby woods.

Facing down the embakment. Looking east. West.
Where the building once stood. Towards what used to be the entrace. Peices left laying that were once a part of the enteryway.

I only wish I could have seen it myself. It's gone now and only two buildings remain. Gilliam Hall and the old doctor's residence. Hopefully, they can find a use for those so they don't suffer the same fate.