The Recreational Trespasser

If you are into state hospitals, tuberculosis hospitals, old jail tunnels, or other abandoned places, this site is for you. It is amazing what potential adventures there could be in your own backyard. Well, my backyard started off as Evansville and Tri-State area. I have since expanded to encompass the rest of the state and some neighboring areas. Some of the most interesting places are not considered of historical importance so they do not get the attention they deserve. Even the most known places have some of the best kept secrets. I have created this page so that people who share my interests can get a reasonable amount of information without a treasure map and a shovel. I also like to think of this site as a means of preservation. A few of the places I have visited are already gone and pictures are all that's left of them. I'm not recommending you go to any of these places, but if you do, be smart about it and make sure the building is at least not in use. Most of the places I go are way beyond saving or are privately owned. Getting permission to access buildings is always a first choice.

You may not use any part of this website as your own either commercially or personally without my permission.